How to Perform Asian Anal Sex

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As you read through the following article, you are going to discover how to give your Asian anal girlfriend an orgasm. We’ll be discussing “thumping”, touring, and “cunnilingus” specifically. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know how to please a girl in bed. And remember, no matter what kind of sex you have in your own home, you can always use dirty talk.

Let’s start with “thumping”. This is a term that describes masturbation without sex toys. It involves squeezing and rubbing of a set of lips or clitoris. This is usually done by a girl using her fingers or mouth. Some girls claim it feels like fingering herself. It might feel strange for a girl to do this first time. Ask her how it feels and watch her reaction.

“Touring” is another way of achieving orgasm. This simply means to stimulate the whole body, which is commonly known as a thrust. You can try out different types of rubbings, like the “come here” rubbing. This can be extremely stimulating to the G-spot located near the top of her vagina. She may also find it very relaxing to tour the anus. Use your fingers or a dildo as you stimulate the anus, vagina or vulva.

Let’s now move on to cunnilingus. This is the most famous type of sex. This involves deep and long strokes on the clitoris with the tongue. It is important that when performing cunnilingus that you keep your hands away from her private parts. You can’t reach her G-spot if you run your fingers through her hair. It is important to learn how to examine her body from different angles, including her neck, shoulders, hips and pubic area.

Asian anal methods

What are these Asian anal methods that will make your little girl feel like a million bucks in just 20 minutes? All of these methods work, but not instantly. But if you know how to use them correctly, then you should be able to bring your girl to orgasm within minutes. There is no other safe and guaranteed way to reach a climax than using these methods.

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These girls are well-versed in this technique. They have perfected the art of pleasing their men. These techniques will help you control your man. It has been practiced for hundreds of years and is still practiced today because it works. In fact, some experts believe that it is easier to please women through the use of their anus rather than their vagina.

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